The First Professional Commercial Mediation Organization "Hengqin New Area Guozhong Civil and Commercial Mediation Center" Officially Unveiled in Zhuhai

03 08, 2018      Source: Hengqin Online

On March 8th, the first professional commercial mediation organization in Zhuhai City, “Hengqin New Area Guozhong Civil and Business Mediation Center” was unveiled in Hengqin. The Hengqin New Area Guozhong Civil and Commercial Mediation Center is the first commercial mediation center registered and established by private non-enterprise legal person in the city. The establishment of the Center fills the gap in the city's commercial mediation-free professional organization. The center is jointly established by the Zhuhai International Arbitration Institute, the Hengqin New Area Financial Industry Association and the Hengqin New Area Consumer Association. It serves as an independent third-party legal service organization and has a team of legal experts familiar with international and domestic commercial legal affairs. Domestic and foreign enterprises provide quick, efficient, economical and flexible dispute resolution services.

At present, the mediation scope of the Center's includes all types of contractual disputes from related parties in the fields of trade, investment, finance, securities, intellectual property, technology transfer, real estate, project contracting, transportation, and insurance. Taking into account the diversity of service targets, the Center also undertakes the mediation of civil disputes, resolves civil disputes through specialized services, resolves social conflicts, and plays its role in maintaining social harmony and stability.