Hengqin Launching New Strategies to Bring in Talents, Allowing Talents to Live and Work in Peace

02 05, 2018      Source: Hengqin New Area Official Website

Recently, in order to implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement a more active, open, and effective talent policy, strengthen talents' attraction and promote the development of industry and talents, the Hengqin New Area introduced and implemented “The Interim Measure of Rental and Living Subsidy for the Talents Introduced in Hengqin New Area” in January of this year.

Hengqin New Area, as Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Talent Cooperation Demonstration Zone and National Talent Management Reform Testing Area, approved by the Central Talents' Work Coordination Group, actively carries out talent management reforms to create policy advantages, featuring “levying different taxes for Hong Kong people and Macanese”, special talents rewarding, support in innovation-driven team settling, major talent support plan, entry and exit convenience for foreign talents, post-doctoral special funding, talent introduction and approval of residence registration, and integrates the policy-linked talent system regarding fiscal field, science and technology, industry, finance, customs clearance and others. At present, the area has introduced the "Thousand Talents Plan" experts of more than 70 concerning the entrepreneurship field, cultivated 1 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship team, 2 provincial leading talents, and established 8 postdoctoral research stations (including innovation practice bases) with the approved independent enrollment qualification.

This approach has drawn on the practice in local areas, in combination with the actual conditions of Hengqin. First, provide support for innovative companies and talents introduced in projects. As for the accredited national high-tech enterprises, the enterprises and organizations established by high-level talents like academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering, winners of the National Science and Technology Awards, experts of the national “Thousand Talents Plan”, candidates for the “Pearl River Talents Program” of Guangdong Province, leaders of innovation and entrepreneurship teams, and high-level talents in Zhuhai, along with the major new-type R&D institutions, state-level creative space, science and technology innovation platform bases like business incubators above the provincial level, and educational and medical service , which are approved for introduction by the management committee in the area, will experience no restrictive requirements for tax limits within 3 years after registration.

Second, offer the subsidy standard with sufficient attraction. The talents introduced by registered employers in the Hengqin New Area, including the current college graduates, and the working talents and returned overseas talents introduced who meet the specified conditions, shall enjoy 36 months’ housing and living allowances. Among them, academicians, winners of National Science and Technology Awards, experts of the national “Thousand Talents Plan”, candidates for the “Pearl River Talents Program” of Guangdong Province, leaders of innovation and entrepreneurship teams and other high-level talents, will be given 6,000 yuan/month subsidies per person. And those extremely outstanding ones can also enjoy higher standard of allowance; Ph.D. or those with sub-senior professional technical qualifications, can enjoy subsidy of 3,000 yuan/month per person; masters or people with intermediate professional technical qualifications, will be given subsidy of 1200 yuan/month per person; as for bachelors and people having the assistant-level professional and technical qualifications, or in line with the "City Catalogue of Short-term Mechanic Workers in Zhuhai City" and obtaining the national professional qualification certificate above the technicians, will enjoy a subsidy of 600 yuan/month per person.

Third, the requirements for age become more loosened. As for Ph.D. or above-grade professional technical qualifications, the age limit is loosened to 55 years old or below, while for others, the age limit is loosened to 50 years old below uniformly. And for people who are indeed the indispensable talents for Hengqin development, the age limit can be appropriately relaxed.

Fourth, establish a standardized labor relationship with employers, not linked to household registration or personal real estate, and pay social insurance premiums in Hengqin New Area according to related laws, and the applicants can apply for housing security if they have never enjoyed such guaranteed treatment before in Zhuhai City and Hengqin New Area.

Fifth, highlight the leading role of high-end talents. In addition to the access to high standard of subsidies, Ph.D. or those having professional technical qualifications above the sub-senior level, are not subject to the restrictions on the taxation amount paid in their working places.

Sixth, pay attention to the overall coverage of talents introduction, and the overall consideration of current and newly introduced talents, and make sure the talent coverage affects all types having certain educational backgrounds, professional and technical qualifications and national professional qualifications, required by Hengqin Area. At the same time, as long as these talents are willing to settle in Hengqin and can continually contribute to the development of the area, they can be accepted in the area, whether they have been formerly introduced or newly introduced to Hengqin.