News Cooperating with World Top 500 Guangzhou Automobile Group

02 02, 2018      Source: Bureau of Commerce, Nansha Development Zone

On February 2, 2018, Wu Song, Executive Deputy Manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hu Wen, COO of Guangzhou Both parties would collaborate on autonomous driving technology, driverless demonstration operations, mobile traveling, and capital field, and work together to develop unmanned R&D, testing, and manufacturing. In the morning of the same day, the first unmanned driving fleet, which travels in citywide district with the entire scene during the day and night and is manufactured by, officially set off in Guangzhou Nansha, in order to allow Guangzhou citizens to experience this "black technology" preferentially. The driverless driver is no longer mysterious. Taking the Lead in Starting Domestic Self-Driving in Nansha

The official fleet which has officially set off, can be called as the masterpiece of the current unmanned vehicle technology: In terms of hardware, the fleet consists of four high-end Lincoln limousine (foreign high-end brand), and two domestic high-end brand Trumpchi. In terms of software, has developed gradually mature technology in sensor fusion. The car of the fleet is equipped with the classic HDL-64E and the latest HDL-32E of the world's top laser radar Velodyne. After setting up its Chinese headquarter in Nansha, Guangzhou, self-driving vehicles of have experienced rigorous testing of hundreds of kilometers within 2 months, including the testing in crowded roads, special scenes, bad weather, and unexpected conditions. The AI system developed is even more advanced than the technology under the state of stable driving in California.

With the strong support for the development of the artificial intelligence industry by the Nansha District Management Committee, will continue to work hard in Nansha and create a business blueprint of the smart driving industry chain. To be specific, plans to build a world-class artificial intelligence research institute this year, so as to attract the industry's top artificial intelligence and computer talents. At the same time, is actively planning to build a driverless display center, so that the general public can easily experience the fun of unmanned driving. In addition, has secured capital and investment. In January 2018, it had completed Series A financing with an amount of USD 112 million, which is the highest level of financing in the unmanned driving field nationwide.