Hengqin Initiating Online Business Electronic Archives Search System

01 16, 2018      Source: Zhuhai Daily

A few days ago, an online business electronic archives inquiry system has been launched at enterprise's exclusive website of Hengqin New Area, making business archives process change from the original service windows to online procedures without going out. This has shortened the time of the work flow and saved time and cost.

The traditional business model of business electronic archives involves frequent business handling at relevant institutions by companies, such as submitting legal person authorization data. If the relevant data submitted does not conform with the standards, the companies need to re-submit the data on-site. After the data review and approval, staff of the industrial and commercial bureau would print relevant materials within 7 working days and notify the companies to get back the materials at the service window.

While through the online business electronic archives inquiry system, companies can submit electronic authorizations online, and archive review and feedback can be completed within two working days. Afterwards, companies can supplement materials or directly print the relevant archives, enjoying convenient archive query and printing without moving back and forth.

Since the launching of this system on December 18, 2017, a total of 260 archival businesses have been handled, including 190 successful online searching and printing. 70 businesses were not approved due to the unconformity with the standards of data. The timeliness rate of review reaches 100%, and the success rate is more than 75%, leading to relatively remarkable results.

It is reported that the system will further incorporate related services that companies concerned about, including centralized address management of enterprises, data reporting of financial enterprise, Chimelong VIP access, and industrial park services.