Guangdong FTZ emphasizes on high standard development in next five years

01 30, 2016      Source:

To construct Guangdong Free Trade Zone (GDFTZ) with high standards contributes to Guangdong's further opening up, which is one of key tasks Guangdong plans to do in the next five years, according to the provincial government report delivered by Guangdong governor Zhu Xiaodan.
Guangdong FTZ has docked lots of high international standards, such as the FTZ issued negative list for foreign investors and established new mode for serving foreign-invested enterprises. Now the enterprises' registration procedure is much simpler and both the environment and efficiency of clearance are improved.
In 2016, a high level opening platform will be built for Guangdong FTZ to keep track with the high international standards, said Chen Guangjun, Vice Director General of General Affairs Office of Guangdong FTZ in the third press conference of the 4th Session of 12th Guangdong Provincial People's Congress on January 29th.
For instance, in terms of the soft business environment, Guangdong FTZ is to establish a international law service system depending on a professional commercial trial mechanism. Chen believed it can provide legal protection for investors in the FTZ.
Links with "Belt and Road" Initiative is also a proof of Guangdong FTZ aiming for high standards. "A deeper and boarder cooperation mechanism with Belt and Road countries will be formed this year," said Chen. For example, Nansha Area will set up alliance with other international ports and Qianhai & Shekou Area will hold several finance forums with other financial cities in the world.
【Exclusive】Guangdong FTZ: Connecting Guangdong with the world
Guangdong FTZ is keeping track with international standards and connecting with the world. The Zone can be so international is due to building an international, market-oriented and law-based business environment, said Zheng Jianrong, director general of General Affairs Office of Guangdong Free Trade Zone.