Provincial Level

Opinions on Speeding up Development and Construction of Hengqin

03 19, 2015      Source: The People's Government of Guangdong Province

All governments of prefecture-level cities and above, county (including municipal and district) governments, provincial government departments and directly affiliated organizations:

To fully implement The Pearl River Delta Reform and Development Plan 2008-2020 and Framework Agreement on Hong Kong/Guangdong Cooperation, accelerate development of Hengqin, construct a demonstration area with close cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, propel the reform and opening up of the region in the west bank of Pearl River Delta to a new level, promote the moderate and diversified economic development of Macao and maintain the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao, the following implementation opinions are put forward here:

I. Granting Hengqin partial provincial economic management authority

1. Devolving provincial examination and approval authority (the examination and approval of foreign investment projects, local government investment projects and etc.) to the Administrative Committee of the Hengqin New Area in accordance with the law, projects that need coordination, planning and overall balance of the province and Zhuhai are exceptions. Devolving part of provincial economic management authority including enterprise development, prequalification of land use, planning and development management, enterprise registration, talent introduction, etc., and entrusting the Administrative Committee of the Hengqin New Area to implement them according to the law.

2. For provincial management projects that cannot be entrusted or devolved according to laws and regulations or require the overall balance of the province, the Administration the Committee of Hengqin New Area shall build a direct ratification relationship with the province and inform the Zhuhai municipal people’s government.

II. Increasing financial and tax support to Hengqin

3. During the fifth five year plan, the provincial finance shall arrange a special fund of 100 million yuan each year to support the construction of major infrastructure projects in Hengqin.

4. The provincial special fund for port construction shall offer special aid for the construction of facilities and the costs of operation of Hengqin port and separate line management.

5. Collecting the retained portion of taxation and specified cost of Hengqin area within 10 years to set up a provincial finance special fund to support construction and development in Hengqin.

6. Compared with related practices of state support to Hengqin, allocating in a timely manner the retained portion of land use fees that are processed in batches and have been paid in accordance with laws and regulations.

7. The discrepancy between the individual income tax actually paid by Hong Kong and Macao residents working in Hengqin and the resident’s tax liability calculated under the tax laws of Hong Kong and Macao shall be subsidized, and the subsidy funds shall be provided comprehensively by the provincial government. The above subsidies of tax payers are exempted from individual income tax.

III. Supporting the creation of the new customs clearance system in Hengqin

8. Speeding up the facility construction of Hengqin port and separate line management, implementing separate line management under the principle of “Relaxed control at the first line, strict control at the second line, separation of people and goods, and categorized management”, and actively complying with the detailed implementation rules and measures on the customs clearance system and new policy of Hengqin. Under the guidance of separate line management of Hengqin customs and the actual demands of 24-hour clearance, we actively support the joint inspection unit of Hengqin to allocate staff the development of Hengqin so as to ensure the normal operation of separate line management.

9. Supporting Hengqin in taking the lead in exploring the implementation of “single window” goods clearance, exploring the use of a unified declaration document in Zhuhai and Macao, promoting the reference and mutual recognition of customs inspection results and unified material format and data model, being the first to apply the all-at-once clearance mode of declaration, examination/inspection and quarantine, and release. Specific measures shall be formulated by the provincial Port Administration Office Guangdong branch of General Administration of Customs and the Administrative Committee of Hengqin New Area.

10. Simplifying the customs clearance procedure in Hengqin for Hong Kong and Macao residents to shorten the time of customs clearance and gradually realizing 24-hour clearance at Hengqin Lotus Bridge Port. Specific measures shall be formulated by related departments of the provincial Port Administration Office and the Administrative Committee of the Hengqin New Area.

11. Formulating and implementing administrative regulations on Macao motor vehicles moving in and out of Hengqin (these motor vehicles are only allowed to drive in Hengqin); trying to make it more convenient for small cars from both Guangdong and Macao to change driver’s licenses. Specific measures shall be formulated by related departments of the provincial Public Security Bureau and the Administrative Committee of Hengqin New Area.

IV. Supporting Hengqin in innovating the land management system

12. Innovating land management, and within the authority of examination and approval of provincial government, devolving the revision and adjustment of the overall plan of land utilization of Hengqin county to the Zhuhai municipal people’s government.

13. Implementing a separate land utilization system for the annual planning indicators for Hengqin, and it shall be devolved directly from the Department of Land and Resources to the Administrative Committee of the Hengqin New Area.

14. Supporting Hengqin in conducting scientific sea reclamation in accordance with the law to promote development and construction.

V. Supporting Hengqin to develop financial innovation

15. Supporting Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in jointly establishing a financial innovation experimental zone in Hengqin and conducting reform and innovation in financial institution admittance, financial market, financial business, financial products, financial supervision, etc.

16. Supporting Hengqin in actively lowering the threshold of the admittance of banks and the security and insurance industries from Hong Kong and Macao through the framework of CEPA.

17. Encouraging the establishment of non-bank financial institutions like trust companies, financial lease companies, financial and consumer financial companies, and currency brokerage companies in Hengqin and attracting international financial institutions to set up backstage service as well as research and development institutions in Hengqin.

18. Supporting the development of multi-currency industrial (stock equity) investment funds and the experiment of multi-currency land trust fund (plan) in Hengqin, and carrying out the business of foreign currency offshore, cross-border RMB settlement and cross-border collateral financing.

19. Exploring the distribution of RMB bonds to enterprises and residents of Hong Kong and Macao in Hengqin, and experimenting with the two-way convertibility of personal RMB, MOP and HK dollar within a certain limit.

20. Exploring the generalization of the multi-currency financial IC card in Hengqin.

21. Speeding up the implementation of RMB offshore service in Hengqin.

VI. Supporting the development of scientific and technology innovation in Hengqin

22. Encouraging the construction of a provincial demonstration pilot for industry-university research cooperation in Hengqin, supporting enterprises in Hengqin in setting up a provincial industry-university research innovation union, a provincial industry-university research demonstration base and innovation platform, and striving for the stationing of major innovative platforms in areas such as national and provincial traditional Chinese medicine and cultural creativity, as well as industrial projects in key fields in Hengqin.

23. Provincial major scientific and technology projects shall give priority to enterprises in Hengqin in order to pool efforts to obtain a batch of key technology.

24. Supporting Hengqin in introducing global advanced information and intelligent technology, and accelerating the development of new emerging industries like the Internet of Things and cloud computing.

VII. Supporting Hengqin in innovating the enterprise registration system

25. Supporting the pilot work of Hengqin in reforming enterprise registration, and establishing an enterprise registration system where the qualification registration of market players is separate from the permission of business projects and the examination and approval of sites for business operation. Specific measures shall be studied and formulated jointly by the Hengqin New Area Administrative Committee and the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce.

VIII. Supporting Hengqin in constructing a three-dimensional transport network

26. Reinforcing the links among traffic infrastructures in the region, and accelerating the construction of the Second Hengqin Bridge, Jinhai Bridge, the connection to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the extension of the Guangzhou-Zhuhai intercity railway, the expressway between Jinding and Hengqin, the expressway between Hongwan and southern Hezhou, the branch between Yuehuan and Nanping of Coastal Express Highway in the west of Guangdong Province, etc., so as to strengthen Hengqin’s traffic capacity to connect with territories outside of the island.

27. Perfecting the transportation network within Hengqin Island, and speeding up the construction of Hengqin Port as a comprehensive transportation junction.

IX. Supporting Hengqin in building an innovative management mode based on information networks

28. Actively promoting cooperation between inland telecom operators and their counterparts in Macao. Striving for state policy support, pushing forward the integration of fees for communication with Macao, supporting the construction of communication facilities that connect to Macao directly in the Guangdong-Macao industrial park, and adopting more preferential communication fee plans, so as to take the lead in attaining international standards in the field of information. Specific measures shall be studied and formulated jointly by the Guangdong Communication Administration, the Guangdong Economic and Information Commission and other relevant units together with the Hengqin New Area Administrative Committee.

X. Supporting the development of the modern service industry of Hengqin

29. Including Hengqin in the provincial central zone of the modern service industry, prioritizing Hengqin when considering the settlement of major projects concerning service industry, and supporting Hengqin in applying for the status of national pilot units related to the service industry and the demonstration district of state service outsourcing.

30. Supporting leading enterprises of the modern service industry in setting up regional headquarters in Hengqin, and foreign-funded enterprises of the service industry located in Hengqin to serve the whole province.

31. Encouraging high-quality education institutions from home and abroad including Hong Kong and Macao to carry out cooperation in the running of schools and conducting vocational education and skill training programs.

32. Accelerating the development of the cultural and creative industry, supporting the establishment of performance agencies by Hong Kong and Macao institutions, building business operation sites featuring performances, entertainment and films, setting up investment funds for the cultural industry and actively developing new media and omnimedia.

33. Supporting Hengqin in probing into businesses including publishing, publication distribution, and copyright trading in the manner of sole proprietorship, as well as cooperation and joint ventures with Hong Kong and Macao institutions under the framework of CEPA, so as to make breakthroughs in fields such as commercial performances, film production, and distribution and projection involving foreign, Hong Kong, and Macao parties.

34. Supporting the mutual recognition of medical insurances between Guangdong and Macao with Hengqin being the pilot unit, allowing the medical testing and inspection centers of Hong Kong and Macao that establish themselves in Hengqin to be deemed as their inland counterpart, and recognizing the testing and inspection reports that conform to relevant regulations of China within the scope of Guangdong province.

35. Pushing forward the construction of the Guangdong-Macao industrial park, upgrading the development of the industries involved, and adopting the mode of joint business attraction to actively import first-rate international cooperation projects.

36. Supporting Hengqin in enhancing tourism cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao, implementing pioneering tourism facilitation measures concerning customs clearance, transportation, payment, etc., carrying out cooperation on talent cultivation and training for the tourism industry, developing the tourism market at home and abroad in collaboration, the joint building of an accessible tourist area, forming a regional tourism brand, and constructing a world-renowned destination for tourism and leisure.

XI. Supporting the building of a low-carbon demonstration zone in Hengqin

37. Supporting the development of green communities in Hengqin, constructing the low-carbon demonstration zone, and strictly controlling high-pollution projects. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, total quantity control shall be conducted on the pollutant discharges of Hengqin and energy-conservation targets; relevant standards shall be studied and set forth by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Environmental Protection and the Guangdong Economic and Information Commission.

38. Designating Hengqin as the demonstration area for smart power grids, promoting the application of new technologies including a distributed energy system, microgrids, and energy storage, and developing experimental units for smart power grid construction.

XII. Supporting the construction of a talent reserve in Hengqin

39. Supporting Hengqin in the pilot work of developing the “special talent zone”, creating new mechanisms for talent introduction, cultivation, evaluation, employment, remuneration, incentives, and services, and building a hub of high-end talents. Supporting the establishment of a special fund which subsidizes special talents required for the development of Hengqin in light of the provincial talent catalog. Specific operation methods and the list of the receivers of such subsidies shall be reported to the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and the Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance for their records.

40. Experimenting with categorized management of civil servants and reforming the appointment system in Hengqin.

41. Supporting the Hengqin New Area Administrative Committee, departments of the Hong Kong and Macao governments, and related training institutions in the construction of mechanisms for talent exchange and training, carrying out national certificate authentication for professional qualification, and experimenting with hiring senior managerial staff of Hong Kong and Macao to work in Hengqin or serve as advisors.

XIII. Reinforcing organizational leadership

42. Zhuhai shall give full play to the principal role of the development of Hengqin, establish a sound working mechanism, introduce an innovative working mindset, be clear about work tasks, and accelerate the development and construction of Hengqin. The provincial leading group for promoting the development of Hengqin shall reinforce leadership, strengthen coordination, enhance communication and connection with relevant organs of the state and the governments of Hong Kong and Macao, and strive to support the development of Hengqin at the state level. The Guangdong Development and Reform Commission shall further enhance guidance for the development of Hengqin, speed up the improvement of relevant supporting policies and measures, study new situations proactively, solve new problems, and support the implementation of the Hengqin Overall Development Plan by Zhuhai jointly with other organizations concerned.

The People's Government of Guangdong Province
March 15, 2012



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