Nansha Area

Thirty Favorable Policies in Seven Categories granted to Nansha New Zone by The Plan for the Development of Guangzhou Nansha New Zone

03 03, 2015      Source: Nansha

    Fiscal and Tax Policies:
      1.In light of Nansha New Zone’s functional positioning and industrial development, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation will study and formulate favorable fiscal and tax policies together with other relevant departments to support the development of Nansha New Zone.
    Financial Policies: 
      2.Chinese government will strengthen financial cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and prudently pilot financial reform and innovation such as the comprehensive management of the financial industry and foreign exchange management. It will also support Nansha New Zone to pioneer the opening up of domestic financial sector to Hong Kong and Macao capitals. 
      3.Chinese government will support financial institutions from Hong Kong and Macao to establish branches and operate in Nansha New Zone in accordance with favorable policies in CEPA and relevant regulations. 
      4.The state will encourage and support the establishment of new financial institutions engaging in futures transaction, credit insurance, financial leasing and trust investment in Nansha New Zone. 
      5.Chinese government will allow competent agencies from Hong Kong and Macao to set up joint-venture securities companies, joint-venture securities investment consulting companies and joint-venture fund management companies. 
      6.Chinese government will encourage insurance brokers from Hong Kong and Macao to establish solely-owned insurance agencies in Nansha New Zone.
    Policies facilitating exchanges with Hong Kong and Macao: 
      7.Chinese government will facilitate applications for permits and entry endorsements for commuting between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao for Nansha residents and mainland residents who invest or work in Nansha New Zone. It will also study the possibility of conducting entry endorsement policy with one year validity and multiple entries for Nansha residents and mainland residents who invest or work in Nansha New Zone. 
      8.Chinese government will facilitate residence permit application for foreign high-caliber personnel. It will also formulate favorable policies including extending duty-free residence period and providing convenient service in entry and exit for foreign talents. 
      9.Chinese government will build Nansha into a world-renowned stop in the route of passenger liners and facilitate the entry and exit of liners and passengers. 
      10.Chinese government will allow ships owned by shipping companies from Hong Kong and Macao and yachts owned by non-Nansha residents to be registered in Nansha New Zone. When the time is ripe, the government will also explore new border check measures for yachts in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. 
      11.Chinese government will relax relevant policies and measures for importing yachts in Nansha New Zone. It will also pilot the yachts insurance system and facilitate the exit and entry of yachts in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.
    Policies to further open up to the outside world: 
      12.Chinese government will establish the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Border Check Cooperation and Demonstration Area. 
      13.When the time is ripe, Chinese government will pilot the implementation of hierarchical administration policies in certain areas of Nansha New Zone. 
      14.Chinese government will simplify ship entry and exit procedures between Nansha Port Area and Hong Kong Kwai Chung Container Terminal. 
      15.Chinese government will expand the Guangzhou Port Full-Truck-Load Import Area and Nansha Port Area will be included in the expansion. It will support Nansha Port Area to conduct less-than-truck-load and less-than-container-load export. 
      16.Chinese government will establish Nansha (Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao) Data Service Experiment Area. It will also allow the offshore data service to be piloted in Nansha New Zone. 
      17.Chinese government will actively guide China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) testing labs within Guangdong to provide service for Hong Kong and Macau companies registered in Nansha New Zone. 
      18.Chinese government will increase the target amount for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao through trains in Nansha New Zone.
    Land management policies:
      19. Chinese government will support Nansha New Zone to pilot the land management reform. 
      20.Without undermining the ecological balance in Nansha New Zone, Chinese government will guarantee necessary land supply for the development of Nansha New Zone. The government will adopt the strictest land use policies and control the overall size for construction land use. Moreover, without breaking the rules of the overall urban planning and overall land use planning of Guangzhou, Nansha New Zone may properly determine the size, layout and order of extra construction land use. The size of the fist-phase extra land use will be limited to 60 square kilometers. Nansha New Zone will strictly follow the overall land use planning and construct in accordance with it. Projects requiring extra construction land use shall be submitted to the State Council for approval in accordance with relevant procedures. The state, when making annual land use plans, shall grant proper favorable policies in light of the construction progress of Nansha New Zone. 
      21.Chinese government will pilot regular assessment and in-time revision of overall land use planning. It will also strictly administer its implementation. 
      22.With approval from the State Council, if the adjustment of land use in Nansha New Zone involves the occupation of arable lands and prime croplands, Nansha New Zone shall appropriate at least the same size of land to substitute the occupied ones to ensure that the size of arable land and prime cropland will not decrease and quality be improved. 
      23.Chinese government will support Nansha New Zone to pilot the reform in construction land use review and approval. The pilot scheme will be implemented after getting approval from the Ministry of Land and Resources. 
      24. Without undermining aquatic ecosystem and the capacity of flood discharge and tidal storage in estuary area, Nansha New Zone may, with full scientific verification, properly conduct land reclamation. Nansha New Zone shall use tidal flat resources in a scientific, reasonable and orderly fashion. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, review and approval procedures for the occupation and use of tidal flats shall be gone through before land reclamation.
    Marine management policies: 
      25.Chinese government will strictly enforce the Law on Sea Area Management and promote the market-driven distribution of sea area resources. It will also improve the bidding, auction and listing system of the right to use sea area and explore the establishment of a secondary market of the use of sea area. 
      26.Chinese government will conduct Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in accordance with the law. It will strictly implement land reclamation plans and coordinate sea islands protection, development and construction without undermining the ecological functions of the costal zones, sea area and the sea. Meanwhile, favorable policies will be granted to major projects which require land reclamation. 
      27.Nansha New Zone will be allowed to apply for the use of sea area in areas which meet the requirements of marine functional division and the overall planning of land use in accordance with relevant policies. Chinese government will optimize application procedures and explore better coordination of sea use management and land use and supply management.
    Policies for social undertakings and administration and service: 
      28.Chinese government will actively support Nansha New Zone to pilot a state-level innovation scheme of social administration. 
      29.Chinese government will encourage and support Nansha New Zone to experiment international education cooperation. It will explore a new mode of cooperation in running schools among colleges and universities in the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and foreign countries. Partner colleges and universities will be given a higher degree of freedom in terms of enrollment, course and degree conferment. The state will also support the scheme in degree acknowledgment. 
      30.Service agencies and professional practitioners holding certificates conferred by competent authorities in construction and health care sectors from Hong Kong and Macao will be allowed to operate in Nansha New Zone after filing and getting permission in accordance with relevant provisions in CEPA.




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