Nansha Area

Innovative Policies and Preferential Measures Made by China Customs (SGBH[2015] No.26)

03 03, 2015      Source: Guangzhou’s Customs

   Letter of Guangzhou’s Customs Concerning Support for the Implementation of Specific Measures in the Zone in Nansha New Zone, Guangzhou, in China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone (SGBH[2015] No.26)

   (I) Support international transit business
   If the goods aimed for international transmit are approved by the customs to be import declaration, the fee for delayed declaration can be reduced or exempted at time of declaration. Optimize shipping bill and transport tool management system parameter setting, and achieve declaration of shipping bill, cargo handling, loading, release of cargo under international transshipment, as well as automatic cancellation after verification within 24 hours.
   (II) Support dry port construction
    Support Guangzhou Port Group to establish dry port in the hinterland, with Nansha harbor as home port, explore how to integrate the custom supervision procedures into enterprise warehouse loading and unloading and other logistics operation, minimize repeated logistics operation, achieve multimodal transport, port retrocession and seamless docking. Allow enterprises to choose custom clearance operation mode according to their own needs, and open Nansha harbor transportation channel.
   (III) Establish rapid inspection and release mode at the customs
   Make integrated use of FS6000, H986, individual operating system and other high-tech inspection equipment, superpose “declaration in advance, inspection and release upon cargo arrival” and other custom clearance mode, through deploy and control in advance, transmit the inspection information at first time to port operation department, establish the system of “declaration in advance, split inspection and release at shipside” for goods import, rapid inspection and release mode of “declaration in advance, split inspection and release at custom pass” for goods export, achieve inspection split and supervision, and enhance the overall supervision and custom clearance efficiency of port.
   (IV) Promote bonded processing business
   Support the adoption of bonded supervision mode in bonded supervision mode, reduce enterprises’ guarantee fund cost, increase enterprises’ international competitiveness. Carry out selective taxation reform in bonded port area, allow processing enterprises to select customs duties payment according to materials or actual state, reduce enterprises’ domestic sales cost, guide processing trade to centralize in bonded port area, optimize industrial structure in the area, and support domestic and international markets for enterprise expansion.
   (V) Support bonded logistics business
   Simplify goods circulation procedures, and use “bonded goods circulation management system”, and allow the enterprises in the zone to make distribution and self-transportation of goods. Gradually achieve efficient and convenient flow of goods between special supervision areas under different customs’ supervision. Establish sea-air linkage customs supervision mechanism between Nansha harbor and Baiyun airport.
   (VI) Support bonded services business
   Support the provision of bonded services such as high technical content, high value-added testing maintenance in the market at home and abroad, promote equipment manufacturing industry chain to extend towards high end. Innovate guarantee mode, and support the establishment of bonded trading centers for cultural artifacts and others. Encourage the innovation business of financing lease, support bonded delivery of futures, warehouse receipt financing and other businesses within the special areas under customs supervision.
   (VII) Promote the construction of Nansha international automobile industry base
    Implement supporting service measures such as “declaration in advance, rapid appraisal”, and support parallel import business of vehicles. Superpose international transfer, reduction and exemption of fee for delayed declaration, shipping bill distribution, innovate taxation mode, and promote the implement of “imported vehicle taxation upon exit from free trade zone” in Nansha international automobile industry base.
   (VIII) Support cross-border e-commerce multi-mode operation in Nansha
    Support the construction of B2C direct purchase and supervision center and B2B2C centralized supervision zone in Nansha. Support the construction of import commodity display and trading platform in special supervision areas, combine cross-border e-commerce and bonded show policy, and implement the “purchase and delivery” experience. Superpose convenient customs policy, provide high-standard customs clearance service in a comprehensive way, assist the introduction of large e-commerce leading enterprises, and build Nansha new zone into a cross-border e-commerce business platform.
   (IX) Support the construction of international trade “single window”
   Under the municipal construction coordination mechanism, assist municipal government to develop high-standard construction program, and construct a domestically and internationally leading single window which complies with the actual situation of Guangzhou, enterprises’ appeal, and is practical and effective. With “one-time declaration, one-time check, and one-time release” in customs declaration and inspection cooperation as the breakthrough point, build public platform, take the lead to make breakthrough, and build innovative advantage in trading, investment and financing and shipping center. Take the lead to achieve core functions such as goods import declaration, declaration of inbound and outbound means of transport, and so on. Gradually expand cross-border trade e-commerce, enterprise credit management, declaration of inbound and outbound passengers, import and export license, payment clearing, and other functions, in order to promote smooth cargo delivery and comprehensively enhance the level of trade facilitation. Optimize operation process of port management departments, study the list of “information exchange”, and promote “mutual supervision” and “mutual assistance in law enforcement” based on this.
   (X) Optimize international business environment
   Support the construction of social credit system, intensify the cultivation of certification enterprises, full implement the principle of “providing convenience to those enterprises which have good faith and comply with laws, and punishing those enterprises which break faith and violate laws”. General certification enterprises are suitable for convenient measures such as low inspection rate, simplifying the procedures for documents check, giving priority to going through customs clearance formalities, on this basis, advanced certification enterprises are suitable for “AEO mutual recognition” convenient customs clearance and other more measures. Explore the implementation of the most preferential, coordinative management model in enterprises in the zone. Combine cross-border e-commerce, market purchase, foreign trade comprehensive service and other emerging trade forms, innovate supervision mode, support and cultivate foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, and offer small and medium enterprises in the pan-pearl river delta with custom clearance, financing, tax return, international settlement and other services. Encourage enterprises to set up regional headquarters in free trade zone, and establish operation center with logistics integration, trading and settlement. Support governments to establish government affairs center, and the customs take the lead to offer one-stop services.




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