Advantages of Hengqin Area

02 24, 2015      Source: 

-- Regional advantage: The nearest place in Chinese Mainland to Macao
Hengqin Island is the nearest place in Chinese Mainland to Macao. Covering an area of 106.46 square kilometers, it overlooks Macao across a river, with the shortest distance of less than 200 meters, and it is 34 sea miles away from Hong Kong. Upon completion of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in 2016, Hengqin will become the only place in Chinese Mainland directly connected to both Hong Kong and Macao.
-- Clearance advantage: The clearance system of "hierarchical management" adopted
• The clearance management is implemented on the principles of "easing first hierarchy, controlling second hierarchy, separating passengers from goods, and managing by classification" on the whole island.
• The regulations on access of vehicles with only license plate of Macao into Hengqin are formulated and implemented. The clearance procedures for residents in Hong Kong and Macao access into Hengqin are simplified, and the 24-hour clearance is advanced.
-- System advantage: Having the features of both Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao
• Two administrative regulations are implemented on the land of 106 square kilometers; the laws of Macao are enforced in the new campus of the University of Macau on Hengqin Island.
• Innovations in legalized environment; with reference to the experience in Hong Kong and Macao, the Incorrupt Government Office of Hengqin New Area and the experts group concerning the legal issues of Hong Kong and Macao have been established.
• Creation of international business operation environment; the regulation on business registration in convergence with Hong Kong and Macao has been promulgated.
-- Policy advantage: Implementing more preferential policies than those of special economic zones
• Legislation authority of special economic zone;
• Preferential financial and taxation policies;
• Innovative financial policies;
• More open industrial and informatization policies.
-- Ecological advantage: 70% of the land is reserved as prohibited or restricted construction areas
• Creation of a green transportation system, which is accessible, orderly, safe and comfortable, featuring low energy consumption, low pollution and high quality;
• Use environmentally-friendly and low carbon materials, adopt centralized cooling and achieve the urban domestic waste harmless treatment rate of 100%;
• Establishment of the industrial complexes featuring clean production and circular economy;
• One of the first national ocean ecological civilization demonstration areas.